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Personal Trainer

I’m Dom,

I got into the fitness industry back in 2013 whilst playing professional rugby league for St Helens.

With over 10 years experience I’ve helped thousands of people achieve goals they thought were impossible.

Whether you’re looking to take part in a hyrox, photoshoot or you’d simply like to improve your health & fitness then drop me a message or give me a shout in the gym!


Personal Trainer

I am a female only coach who leads from the front. Driven by results, with unbelievable transformations and client journeys to support this.

I’m breaking the cycle of under eating and over training and I teach women how to fuel their bodies to properly perform their best on the gym floor.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced with many years of training under your belt, I will help you push boundaries you can’t move on your own.

I have a large and growing online and in person client base and I help women who lack knowledge or are currently coasting in their fitness journey, surpass their goals and expectations.

In my team, education is key and this is how i create long term results.


Personal Trainer

I am a performance coach with over 8 years of dedicated experience developing athletes of all abilities across multiple sports.

I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Strength & Conditioning from the University of Central Lancashire, whilst also becoming my a Level 2 British Weightlifting Coach.

My experience within sport extends beyond coaching, with a background in football playing and coaching at a semi-professional level, along with a myriad of competition experiences.

I’m committed to helping you to reach your true potential and guiding you towards peak performance.


Personal Trainer

I’ve been in the fitness industry for coming up to 5 years now. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and in that time my style of training has evolved to have a strong focus on health, strength & mindset.

I first started training to look better and feel more confident, now I love training to test my limits, push my body and see what I’m capable of. The things my body can withstand such as marathon’s, Hyrox’s and CrossFit has given me an internal confidence that gives a deeper fulfilment that JUST being happy with what I see in the mirror.

I’ve helped my clients reach their strength goals, get their first pull up, training for half marathons or their first 5k

My aim is to help as many women as possible change their mindset and show them what their body is capable of accomplishing with the right attitude and guidance to live a life of longevity and confidence

If you’re a beginner or intermediate gym goer who’s bored of your standard routine and wants to really elevate their strength, fitness and mindset then I could be the coach for you. I am available for 1-1 & online training


Personal Trainer

Hi my names Becca
I’m a current personal trainer and yoga instructor at Transfit Widnes with a huge passion for helping women.

I specialise in women’s health, particularly in antenatal and postnatal training.
Alongside this I have a strong client base of face to face and online clients with a high retention rate I think it must be the Irish charm that makes them never want to leave!

I am also the proud creator of ‘BYB Club’ otherwise known as Bring your Baby where I support new mums to rehabilitate their bodies whilst bringing their babies along with them so that childcare issues don’t impact their journey to return to their fittest, best self post birth.

The reason this is my speciality is because I am a qualified midwife (1st class Bsc Hons degree) and I’m currently practicing in the NHS as a Pelvic Health Specialist Midwife.

By integrating these skills I bring a unique, niche service to the Transfit team that you won’t find anywhere else.


Personal Trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer and Coach for just over a year and have been a part of the Transfit family for over 4 years.

After experiencing the benefits first hand of improving your health and fitness and how it can carry over to other aspects of your life I decided I wanted help others achieve the same.

I currently help people get fitter faster and stronger by helping them lose fat gain muscle and improve overall fitness levels.

If these are things you would like to achieve please drop me a message on Instagram or come and say hi in the gym and I’d be happy to help or give you some useful free tips!


Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Andy.

I’ve been a coach for around 5 years now.

I specialise in helping people get strong & improve their performance not just in the gym or sport, but in day to day life too.

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t have much experience or you’re even looking to compete in a fitness or weighlifting event…

My goal is to work with you to help you achieve what you never thought was possible.

If you want to have a chat about how I can help you, feel free to drop me a message or come and find me in the gym.


Personal Trainer

Hey I’m Rhian,

I can help you learn to lifts weights and get fitter to improve your day to day life. You could go from a complete beginner to a confident, consistent gym goer with my support!


Personal Trainer

My names Matthew and I’m a personal trainer here at Transfit.

I like to call myself The Lifestyle Coach as my approach to training predominantly based upon helping clients build healthier and sustainable habits around their busy lifestyles.

Whether your goal be fat-loss, improving your strength and fitness, or wanting to build a physique you’re proud of – I will strive to get you there without sacrificing everything you enjoy.

I’m also a qualified England Boxing coach which also gives clients the opportunity to improve their boxing skills and fitness in an enjoyable manner as part of their programme.

Random fact about me: I’m an identical twin. So if you see me around town you think I’ve ignored you, please don’t think I’m being rude!


Personal Trainer

I qualified as a personal trainer post pandemic after finding a real passion for this during. Both the physical and mental aspects of exercising – gaining strength, stepping out my comfort zone and truly, becoming a better version of myself.

After joining Transfit in April 2023 I have really pushed to better myself further, with the encouragement of the best team I have completed my first half marathon, HYROX competition and i’m excited about what’s next!

I love that since starting this journey I get to support and work with other females; of all ages, helping them fall in love with fitness all whilst reaching their goals.

I aim to take an all round health approach with my girls; supporting them with their nutrition and knowledge on this, working to create improved daily habits, routine and just being that 1% better each day.

So whether you’re a beginner and unsure where to start or you’re someone who is just looking to have the accountability and direction to level up. I can support you to achieve your goals!


Personal Trainer

As a certified personal trainer, I have turned my life long passion into a career that helps others achieve their health and wellness goals. My background and experience in team sports, dance and various types of training, has equipped me with a solid foundation in exercise science, nutrition and motivational strategies! I am heavily invested into my professional development and eager to bring a perspective into personal and online training. My goal is to create a supportive and motivating environment that encourages my clients to step out of their comfort zone!

Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced lifter, having the right training program that is carefully designed, monitored, tracked and adapted is essential for you to be making meaningful progress.

My aims are to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to embark on your trailored program, ensuring you have the correct technique, nutritional support and guidance, along with full commitment and support. My goal is to not only to train and create results but to educate you along the way to get you to a point where you can reach independence in your own training and improve your mindset!


Personal Trainer

What’s up b#*ches

I’m Tom, a personal trainer and online coach with over four years of experience.

My fitness journey began with my own transformative fat loss journey, going from a 22 stone guy with not a clue where to turn to, to a fully qualified coach completely stepping out of my comfort zone in the process.

Having completed photoshoot, ran up a mountain and completed multiple hyrox in the time with TF, something I never thought I’d ever dream of.

I’m passionate about guiding others toward their goals through tailored coaching and a holistic approach to fitness.

Making you go from average gym goer to achieving something you never thought you could.


Personal Trainer

I have been a coach in transfit now for almost 3 years with 4 years experience

In that time, I have helped over 200 people with their health and fitness goals both in person and online.

My ultimate goal is to help people build a body they’re proud of by getting them fitter, stronger & more confident in their own skin.

So if you feel like you are going round in circles and not seeing the results you want from your training, whether that be for fat loss, building muscle or improving your fitness, feel free to drop me a message or approach me in the gym and I’ll be happy to help 🙌🏼


Personal Trainer

I’m Emily!
I’m an Online Coach and PT, specializing in supporting women to gain confidence and achieve their physique goals.
I spent years following fad diets and hating my body but lacked the confidence to change it, constantly doubting myself and my own abilities.
I trained as a Personal Trainer after the pandemic because I quickly realised how many women who, like I was, are stuck in a constant stop/start cycle with their health and fitness, hating their body image. I wanted to change that.
I work with women who’ve tried everything! I support them to fit health, fitness and nutrition around their busy lifestyles whilst absolutely smashing their physique goals. My number one goal is to get you feeling and looking your best and to be your cheerleader whilst you’re working on being your own!
If you want help with gaining confidence, strength and building fitness, drop me a message or follow the link in my bio on Instagram @emilycefitness

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